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Tuire Kaimio

The Greens

Tuire Kaimio

Vantaa and Kerava
№ 28

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In advance236
In election day291

Share of the vote in the county

In advance0.6%
In election day0.7%

Vote distribution

Vote distribution
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Election promises

  1. 1
    I carefully study all the facts of the decision-making process and form my position on the basis of them.
  2. 2
    I take the environmental impact into account in all decision-making: the welfare area must operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
  3. 3
    I work for better cooperation between different agencies, among others in animal welfare and to make acquiring the necessary services easier.

Candidates' details

Candidates' chosen themes:
Children and young peopleMental health workPreventive care
Wellbeing services county: Vantaa and Kerava
Home municipality: Vantaa
Profession: eläintenkouluttaja, tietokirjailija
Education: Other
Age: 48
Native language: Finnish
Election budget: €2,500
Positions of trust: Municipal councillor

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