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Siru Kauppinen

The Greens

Siru Kauppinen

Vantaa and Kerava
№ 30

100% of county's votes counted


In advance262
In election day309

Share of the vote in the county

In advance0.6%
In election day0.7%

Vote distribution

Vote distribution
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Election promises

  1. 1
    We need to respect and listen to senior citizens, along with better rehabilitation and sufficient home services. I aim to do my best to assure that old age is humane.
  2. 2
    Doctor's appointment within one week. Timely and apt treatment saves more resources than does cutting services. For instance, depression must be treated before it becomes chronic and harder to treat.
  3. 3
    I will do my best to make sure that the health and social care workers are listened to and afforded better means for their extremely important work.

Candidates' details

Candidates' chosen themes:
Children and young peopleMental health workCare for the elderly
Wellbeing services county: Vantaa and Kerava
Home municipality: Vantaa
Profession: ympäristötekniikan M.Sc., kaupunginvaltuutettu
Education: Masters degree
Age: 49
Native language: Finnish
Election budget: €500
Positions of trust: Municipal councillor

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