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Eva Tawasoli

The Greens

Eva Tawasoli

Vantaa and Kerava
№ 60

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In advance387
In election day559

Share of the vote in the county

In advance0.9%
In election day1.3%

Vote distribution

Vote distribution
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Election promises

  1. 1
    I have been promoting the health of Finns for 15 years as a health professional and social and health service decision-maker. I know the social and health services from the grassroots to the administration. I am willing to get my hands dirty and put all my expertise at play to guarantee the right to good health and a happy life for each of us. County elections and social reform are about the health of you and your loved ones, and decision-making about them must be in competent hands.
  2. 2
    Great emphasis must be placed on the development of mental health services in particular. Mental health issues already cause more problems and costs in many ways compared to physical illnesses. Every euro invested in mental health comes back multiplied. I promise that improvements to the mental health services are in focus in our wellness county!
  3. 3
    Without skilled staff there are no social and health services. Competent, motivated and well-being staff is the cornerstone of our health. However, the pay and working conditions of social and health professionals have been neglected for decades and this must change. Four out of five Finns want to raise the salaries of employees in the social security sector. Let the will of the people finally be done! No more self-printed thank you cards or Finlandia Hall festive lighting as a thank you to the staff, but a decent and fair compensation for the heroic and valuable work!

Candidates' details

Candidates' chosen themes:
Mental health workHealthcarePreventive care
Wellbeing services county: Vantaa and Kerava
Home municipality: Vantaa
Profession: terveydenhoitaja, kaupunginvaltuutettu
Education: Bachelors degree
Age: 32
Native language: Other
Election budget: €2,000
Positions of trust: Municipal councillor

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